Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TBG Reviews: The New Carl's Jr. Patty Melt

My friends at Carl's Jr. introduced a new menu item last week and on Wednesday, I pulled the Bootlegmobile into my local drive-thru just so I could try their Patty Melt.

Served on grilled rye bread, then topped with two slices of American cheese and grilled onions, this was a pretty damn good fast food take on the classic diner sandwich. I would've personally gone all-the-way authentic and substituted Swiss cheese for the "processed cheese food" and there could've been a few more onions on the one I ordered, but otherwise it's another winner for Carl's Jr.

Now, that they have their marketable sound bite from me, let's talk about their new Patty Melt ad campaign. As one or two of you know, my degree is actually in marketing. Consequently, if I'd actually seen the below commercial before I ordered, I'd have probably gone back to Burger King.

(1) It's not funny. Not even remotely so.

(2) It barely mentions the product.

(3) It attempts to sell a sandwich by focusing on the bread.

But, I believe one of the guys is untalented Houston rapper Paul Wall (who also took my order last night) so all is not lost.


sean in accounting said...

How have I missed that commercial?

This seems pretty much par for the course for CJ's, Cam. They're still the company that tried to use Paris Hilton's "sex" appeal to sell cheeseburgers a few years back.

Oh and Dennis Rodman was a pitchman for them, too. Just wait a few more months and it'll be your turn.

Paulie Walnuts said...

I think that using Paris' twat to sell burgers was tremendous.

Her VORP is high.

These white kids like flat butts?

no staying power.

Imagine the firestorm this would cause if the roles in this commerical were reversed say with some nappy headed hoes?

Anonymous said...

When did Carl's Jr.'s fries start sucking so bad? They're bland, greasy, slimy and gross. I'd pay extra for the criss-cut fries, but you only get four or five of them in a large order.

And I second the VORP of Paris Hilton's girl parts. She's the female equivalent of "Moneyballs".

Marco from Houston said...

Wow! That was horrible commercial. I'm glad there are no Carl's Jr's here in Houston.

BTW, I don't belive Paul Wall is "untalented".... At least he actually makes the ATTEMPT to be a lyricist instead of doing it the ATL way and asking everone to "snap yo fingas", "rock yo hips", etc...

Check out my blog when/if you get a chance. I've never really been an above average writer, but I did receive lots of feedback on my last 2 posts. Your style of writing is awesome.... I just wish I had 1/2 your talent!