Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Linky, Linky!

We're smack-dab in the middle of our six weeks of summer here in San Diego. From about August 15 to the end of September, temperatures generally soar into the high 80s (even the low 90s!) as the locals rediscover our beaches, parks and outdoor malls.

As for me, I managed to catch a cold over the weekend. Consequently, everyone else is doing the writing today:

First up, your favorite bi-racial writer is back at it with a terrific piece on the state of a certain music genre:

As a black man, I find it really offensive that these aural images are being broadcast and consumed by a white audience. It's almost like the critique and dismissal of jazz as "jungle music", only this time there's really no defense against it. I mean, T-Pain is no Cab Calloway.

Next, my former Machine Gun Funk boss drops his latest SMonday Swindle Sheet and features the heretofore unknown deliciousness of Kylie Minogue's sister…and friends:

DANNII MINOGUE (a.k.a. The Larger-Breasted Version of KYLIE MINOGUE) has told reporters that she felt humiliated when she found out that pictures of her enjoying a lap-dance at a London strip club had been printed in London's News of the World early last year, claiming that she was "set up" by people looking to stir up some controversy. In the interest of journalistic integrity, The SMonday Swindle Sheet has procured the EXCLUSIVE images of Minogue in the back room of the club with a supply-endowed dancer…

My link IS safe for work…

Hey, everyone…it's Movie Joe Reid's birthday! He's that guy who writes the Low Resolution blog. Occasionally. No, he didn't die…he just doesn't care a lick about you, the reader. His one post for the month is a doozy, though. It's Round 2 of his "Beyond Actor-Dome" elimination tournament. Joe extinguished any and all actors of color in the first round, so click on through and see Hollywood through Hitler's eyes!

It's a closer race than you'd think, considering for the first half of our ten-year judging period, I thought (Mark) Wahlberg was something of a one-flick wonder, while (Edward) Norton was Acting Jesus.

M'man Tom Daniels had a new post on the New York Football Giants a few days ago, but I'm linking to his fantabulous review of Michael Lewis' "Moneyball". Aside from being one of about eight people who actually "got" the book, TD suckered me quite nicely with this paragraph:

About six months ago, someone introduced me to this odd concept. It's a store, kind of like a video store, but with books instead of movies. It must be like a chain because they have them all over the city. What's better, they don't even charge a rental fee… just late fees… and you get three whole weeks when you rent a book. The website, similar to Netflix, allows you to create an account and set up a book queue. You can pick which location you want your book to go to. When you bring it back, you can even request another book to be sent to your location.

SPOILER ALERT: He's talking about the library! Or, in espaƱol, la biblioteca.

Last, but least, White America's favorite sportswriter is back with a predictably pandering piece on Michael Vick. I'm pretty sure that Dave Chappelle covered this territory four years ago, but if it gets Jason another appearance on Oprah, then it was all worth it:

(Vick) threw it all away because he bought into the self-destructive, immature, hip-hop model of "keeping it real."


castro said...

Sorry, Cam, but Jason Whitlock will always have a place in my heart for his feud with Mike Lupica that ultimately got him fired from the WWL. The whole "sold out his race" thing...I'm OK with.

And Mathan should pretty much send that obituary for today's rap game to every paper in the country. Nicely done.

that mexican guy said...

I think it's high time that someone took Whitlock to task for his "blame hip hop culture for everything" stance. And it should be somebody with a blog. And he should be black.

Anonymous said...

I have no evidence at all to support this, but I have little doubt that Whitlock bums a personalize mixtape of T-Pain's "greatest hits" in his car. Of course, the sound proof windows are rolled up though.


that mexican guy said...

Joe's actor tourney is always a great read, but his overt love for bottle iced tea is...just wrong.