Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Tee-Ball Chronicles #10: Photo Day

One of the other tee-ball moms took this unofficial team picture as the professional photographer (douchebag ponytail – check, unintelligible accent – check) impatiently snapped away.

I love this pic.

I love this team.

After pictures, the A's pounded the Pirates. During the game, the other team's coaches made passive-aggressive accusations that some of my kids were older than the five-year-old limit.

Ringers. In a tee-ball league comprised of four and five-year-olds. I've never been more proud.

Just remember, 20 years ago another A's team clubbed every opponent placed in front of them on their way to a World Series championship. They were accused of chemical tomfoolery and played under a manager who – it's been alleged – looked the other way.

The 1989 A's were exonerated (I think…not really sure, but I think they were) and it's my fervent hope that their 2009 tee-ball doppelgangers follow the same righteous path.


throwdini said...

Your son is far luckier than I was when it came to team uniforms. I think that we're about the same age, and for three straight years when I was a kid, I had to play on the Astros. Do you remember what Astros uniforms looked like when we were kids?

Could have been worse though, I am a White Sox fan. I could have been wearing shorts with a collared jersey.

Tom said...

Do you not put a pitcher in as a defensive position in T-ball?

That Bootleg Guy said...

Not on an American League t-ball team, Tom.

Tom said...

Honestly -- I don't know if you're being serious or not....

MarcoFromHouston said...

@ throwdini

-the Astros "Rainbow" jerseys were the greatest uniforms of all time!

/yes astros fan