Friday, July 10, 2009

Why I Now Might WANT to see Transformers 2

I've received this link to the Transformers 2 FAQ from a half-dozen different friends and/or readers in the past 48 hours. It is quite the awesome read – and chock full o' spoilers, by the way. Personally, I freakin' HATED the first one, but the sequel appears to have somehow managed to up the suck into a new stratosphere.

Robot farting…testicles…urination…AND illiterate ebonicbots?

Nope, still not seeing it.


Blondezilla said...

I hated the first one too... The only way I'll see the second is... if Jazz is not dead. Jazz's death is not the only the reason I did not like the first one, but it is a big one. Not to mention that Bumblebee is frakkin' Camaro.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Don't get me started. Dozens and dozens of fringe Autobots (Huffer, Cliff Jumper, Bluestreak) and JAZZ gets ripped in half?!

I believe that the collapse of the American auto industry is just karma for the whole "Bumblebee = frakkin' Camaro" thing, too.

Disney cut individual licensing deals with a zillion different car manufacturers for that "Cars" movie. TF couldn't do the same? Arrgh.

nicka said...

gerry's review "Black people shouldn't be offended because the 2 characters are stereotypes...they should be offnded because the movie is fucking terrible."