Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Negro Elite Recommends…

Who says racial epithets can't be comedy? Surely, you came across this early morning article on Al-Qaida's second-in-command dropping the "House Negro" bomb on President-Elect Obama. I mean, I know I shouldn't be laughing, but come on. For me, this ranks right up there with "jigaboo" as one of the top two ineffective 19th century insults that the late Dave Chappelle could've turned into a helluva skit.

Question for the Day: Regarding the above, whose side is Sean Hannity on? Discuss.

Over at, there's an insanely entertaining interview with someone called John Ziegler. He's a former talk show host who's working on an anti-Obama, anti-media documentary. Oddly enough, one of the only things I remember from the myriad of marketing classes I took in college is the fundamental requirements of market research (surveys, polling, population, etc.) That an idiot like me was able to shoot holes in this kook's premise is pretty damn telling.

Finally, I gotta say that I'm alternately encouraged and disappointed by the aftermath of Proposition 8's defeat here in California. On the one hand, the door isn't yet closed. On the other hand, it sure would've been nice for the "No on 8" campaign to be this mobilized three months ago.

I hit up the "No on 8" website several weeks back, in search of swag, propaganda and other like products. Everything was either sold out or on back order. So, in the daily face of "Yes on 8" bumper stickers, yard signs and t-shirts, I made a monetary donation to the cause and went on my merry way.

Earlier this week – 14 days after the election – I received an email notifying me of all the exciting new merchandise NOW available at the "No on 8" website. Of course, the cause will continue to have the support of me and my family but, seriously…pencils down, dudes.


Mathan said...

The "house negro" thing is pretty funny. Plus, does it even work if Obama's pop is actually African meaning Obama doesn't really have a drop of slave in him? Not that I'd expect those guys to be up on the nuance.

Tom said... is an available domain name. We can make this happen.