Saturday, November 15, 2008

Farewell to "Fire Joe Morgan"

Well, allow me to be the one billionth blogger – lightly-read or otherwise – to pass along my sadness at the announcement that the Fire Joe Morgan blog had come to an end.

In the last year or two, I've heard numerous discussions on the death of traditional sports writing – usually between two or three traditional sports writers – and all of them hit on the same talking points: the proliferation of blogs and other electronic media; the 24/7 news cycle and my personal favorite: "the dumbing down of America".

None of these talking heads EVER considers that the lazy and unoriginal Mad Libs-style of day-to-day newspaper game reports has turned off a populace who's finally grown wise to bad writing or the over-the-top praise heaped upon a very, very average player like David Eckstein or a very, very, very awful one like Darin Erstad.

(Also, sportswriters, I'm not sure it would help your struggling profession, but you might not wanna call your readership "dumb". Just sayin'.)

Anyways…Godspeed you grit-hating bitches, you. On the plus side, the end of FJM opens the door for every blogger who might want to pay tribute by completely cribbing the FJM style and call it "paying tribute".


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