Thursday, November 29, 2007

TBG's NFL Pickery Spectacular - Week #13 (Thursday)

Green Bay at Dallas

Aaron: Thanks to a lack of NFL Network on my cable, I'll be forced to my local Hooters for a work-related happy hour. Save me a plate of grotesquely breaded wings and a server who pretends to like me! Pick: Dallas

Joe: Goddamn Thursday games on goddamn NFL network that I can't goddamn watch. Oh, it's only the two best teams in the NFC, THAT'S ALL. Grumble. Anyway, here's what's been interesting -- has anyone else seen how ESPN has been covering the "Tony Romo grew up idolizing Brett Favre" angle? And how Romo's been all, "Look, I like the guy, but I'm not going to kiss him with my tongue at midfield, okay?" And ESPN is all, "But why not? Why do you hate Brett Favre?" It's like Favre's season is being scripted by Kurt Vonnegut, I swear. Pick: Dallas

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