Sunday, November 11, 2007

TBG's NFL Pickery Spectacular - Week #10

Atlanta at Carolina

Aaron: The Vinny Testaverde Septuagenarian Tour rolls on. Get your t-shirts (with all the cities and dates on the back)! Pick: Carolina

Joe: Carolina's drive to an 8-8 division championship begins here. Pick: Carolina

Buffalo at Miami

Aaron: Hmmm. Four of the Dolphins eight losses have been by just three points. They're coming off a bye week AND playing at home. F*ck it. Pick: Miami

Joe: Officially, I'm picking against the Bills because that's been working out pretty well for them lately. Unofficially, it's a road division game against a winless rival late in the season. Big potential landmines there. Pick: Miami

Cleveland at Pittsburgh

Aaron: And a confidential "kiss my black ass" to the Steelers for scoring 35 points thru the air last week, when I needed just an average game from RB Willie Parker to win my fantasy game. Pick: Pittsburgh

Joe: I'm so incredibly tempted to pick the Browns here, but I think the Steelers are, for the first time I can ever remember, well equipped for a shootout. Pick: Pittsburgh

Denver at Kansas City

Aaron: A haiku: Jay Cutler, road game...First place Kansas City Chiefs?...Yo, belee dat, cuz. Pick: Kansas City

Joe: Wow, someone's getting all fancy-pants for their anniversary. Pick: Denver

Jacksonville at Tennessee

Aaron: The Jaguars might wanna look into finding a quarterback this offseason. It would go a long way towards winning those pesky games against ferocious defenses. Pick: Tennessee

Joe: Tennessee continues their quest for a 12-4 season, a Wild Card round win at San Diego, and then an 82-14 loss to New England in the Divisional round. Mark it. Pick: Tennessee

Minnesota at Green Bay

Aaron: Thank you, Vikings! There's nothing quite like a week of local "sky is falling" talk after another inexplicable Chargers loss. Now, enjoy your loss this week, Vikings. Pick: Green Bay

Joe: Here's hoping Peterson runs for a 90-yard touchdown, fakes mooning the Lambeau fans, and makes Joe Buck pass out from the vapors. Pick: Green Bay

Philadelphia at Washington

Aaron: Anyone remember the last time that Donovan McNabb wasn't giving a quietly panicked, overtly paranoid mid-week post-practice interview where he's defending himself? Discuss. Pick: Washington

Joe: Doesn't Donovan McNabb usually win after giving said interviews, though? Isn't that how it works? Always one step ahead of his detractors? Pick: Philadelphia

St. Louis at New Orleans

Aaron: Still another week or so before the Saints turn back into pumpkins. Thankfully, that leaves us all enough time to enjoy those creepy compare/contrast Subway commercials with Reggie Bush and Jared. Pick: New Orleans

Joe: See, now they've actually got be believing. I'm falling for the exact shift in public opinion that I predicted. I'm all the way inside the Matrix now. Pick: New Orleans

Cincinnati at Baltimore

Aaron: I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm done picking the Bengals this year. Besides, after Monday night, I'm told Ray Lewis is feeling awfully stabby. Pick: Baltimore

Joe: Now that Baltimore's defense is allowing points, I think they can lose to anyone. Pick: Cincinnati

Chicago at Oakland

Aaron: Raiders coach Lane Kiffin made news this week when he declared that his team would be kicking to Bears super-return man Devin Hester. Thanks for clearing up any lingering doubt the casual picking fan might've had on this one, coach. Pick: Chicago

Joe: Man, I so want to pick Oakland here (come on, Justin Fargas!), but they've proven themselves to be quite crappy. Crappier, even, than the Bears, who have done pretty well against the AFC this year. Pick: Chicago

Dallas at N.Y. Giants

Aaron: Six wins in a row for the Giants, plus they're coming off a bye week. And, they're playing at home. Fun fact: The Giants have only beaten one team with a winning record this year. Pick: Dallas

Joe: ...So have the Cowboys. Pick: NY Giants

Detroit at Arizona

Aaron: Jon Kitna v. Kurt Warner?! Who will God choose? Pretty sure that Kitna's been giving Him a bit more glory this season, so there ya go. Pick: Detroit

Joe: Yeah, but: dome team in the desert, Arizona's due, and the Lions can't go 7-2, can they? Pick: Aizona

Indianapolis at San Diego

Aaron: In case Peyton Manning's reading this, just remember how the Chargers fans treated your lovable brother, Eli, when the Giants played here a few years ago. And, the things they said about your momma. Pick: Indianapolis

Joe: Well according to Bill Simmons, the Colts have the refs in their pockets anyway, so... Pick: Indianapolis

San Francisco at Seattle

Aaron: Pretty sure that anyone on either side of The Rockies couldn't care less. Call it the N(F)LCS. Pick: Seattle

Joe: Shaun Alexander's maybe not playing, which means maybe Seattle will have a running game that's worth a damn. Pick: Seattle

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