Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 NFL Pickery -- Week #8

Last Week 

Aaron: 10-2
Joe: 9-3
Current Standings 

Joe: 64-39
Aaron: 59-44

Tampa Bay at Minnesota  (Thursday) 

Aaron: So, Joe sent me his write-up before I had a chance to do mine. I'm surprised (not surprised) that he went with the self-serving fantasy football angle when this Samantha Steele/Christian Ponder conundrum is entering its second full week of being a…thing.  For those of you who HAVEN'T heard, Vikings QB Ponder is dating ESPN college football reporter/obligatory blonde beauty Steele.  It's caused quite a dust-up on…hell, I dunno…Deadspin?  I guess?  It's the first time the dating habits of a Minnesota athlete have been so publicly displayed since the heyday of Ravishing Rick Rude's "What I'd like to have right now…" pre-match promos.  This is a big deal!  (No, it's not.)  Pick: Minnesota 

Joe: I know it's annoying when people only notice these things for selfish fantasy purposes but WHAT was that bullshit at the end of the Bucs-Saints game last week? I'm no replacement-level official, but HOW is it possible that the rule says that a DB shoving a WR out the back of the end zone is neither a penalty NOR that WR is allowed to catch the ball even after he's re-established himself in bounds? This opens up a whole new universe of red-zone defensive strategy, if true. (Whatever, I really needed that Mike Williams TD.) Tampa's defense looks awfully generous, and Minnesota, on a short week, at home, et cetera, et cetera. Pick: Minnesota

San Diego at Cleveland

Aaron: There are no words to describe how much joy the past two weeks have brought me. Here in San Diego, the Chargers fanbase continues to loudly -- profanely! -- lament their team's humiliating loss to Broncos.  Our eternally terrible sports-talk radio stations can't take enough angry calls to satiate my schadenfreude. Eddie from El Cajon!  Tom from downtown! Mike from Del Mar!    More!  More!  Pick: San Diego 

Joe: If Phillip Rivers is even capable of having a bounce back blowout against a bad team, this would be the week for it. Pick: San Diego

Seattle at Detroit

Aaron: There was a genuinely interesting discussion on DLHQ this week regarding the racial component in the amount of criticism received/not received this season between struggling QBs Cam Newton and Matt Stafford.  As an African-American, here's my take:  Stafford's the one who torpedoed my big-money fantasy team this year, so f**k him -- regardless of color.  Pick: Seattle 

Joe: Not to wade into choppy waters or anything, but Newton was also given much more praise/attention last season for his heroics than Stafford was, so his increased scrutiny doesn't surprise me. That said, as a fellow victim of the Matthew Stafford Fantasy Killing Spree, I'm with you: f*ck that guy. Pick: Detroit

Jacksonville at Green Bay

Aaron: Injuries to Jacksonville's starting quarterback and running back turned last week's Jaguars v. Raiders game into one of the most awful offensive performances of my lifetime.  And, the Packers are a titch better than the Raiders, you guys.  Analysis!  Pick: Green Bay 

Joe: This is going to be a pile-on as undignified as anything you'll see in football all year. Pick: Green Bay

Miami at N.Y. Jets

Aaron: The Jets showed some spunk in last week's OT loss to the Patriots.  Although, Jets head coach/defensive genius emeritus Rex Ryan would be well served to NOT give Tom Brady 12-15 yards of free field on every snap in the last minute of a close game.  Pick: NY Jets 

Joe: Miami probably should have won their earlier matchup this season. The Jets rarely play two good games in a row. And despite being on the road, the hurricane conditions in New York today should make the Dolphins feel right at home. Pick: Miami

Carolina at Chicago

Aaron: Just to recap...the Panthers draft QB Cam Newton, hand him the keys to the franchise and ginormous dollar-sign-labeled sacks of cash.  Newton struggles -- in just in his second season -- and is getting killed for NOT giving clichéd postgame interviews like a 10-year veteran and his sh*tty body language?!  Let's hope he pulls it together before he flunks out of finishing school.  Pick: Chicago 

Joe: Well now you've got me thinking of Cam Newton as Will Smith in Six Degrees of Separation, practicing the phrase "bottle of beer" over and over and over ... Pick: Chicago

Atlanta at Philadelphia

Aaron: The "Nick Foles Era" starts at halftime, right?  If so, I'm warning you that EVERY lede written about this on Monday will include a terrible joke about Michael Vick, "passing the torch" and an interception.  Pick: Philadelphia 

Joe: Nothing about how his career has gone to the dogs? Pick: Atlanta

Indianapolis at Tennessee

Aaron: Shout out to sportswriters and talking heads everywhere for keeping the 200th "Chris Johnson is BACK" narrative of the season as fresh as the first one.  Pick: Indianapolis 

Joe: If you can't have a career day against this Bills defense, who CAN you have a career day against. Indy's the better team, with the better QB, but they're still inconsistent. Pick: Tennessee

New England at St. Louis

Aaron: The NFL has yet to stage a game in London's Wembley Stadium that -- entertainment-wise -- compares to SummerSlam 1992, held in the same venue.  And, that card included Nailz v. Virgil.  Pick: New England 

Joe: Look, I missed out on the first two times that New England lost out to unlikely NFC West competition. I don't care if this is throwing a game away -- I want in on the ground floor this time. Pick: St. Louis
Washington at Pittsburgh

Aaron: Surprised to see the Steelers defense is still putting up solid numbers this season.  Sure seems like they've been in a few more shootouts than usual.  They should be able to contain the RGIII Hyperbole Machine for a few quarters, anyway.  Pick: Pittsburgh 

Joe: Washington's overrated, but so is Pittsburgh, and I don't think they can keep up in a shootout. Pick: Washington

Oakland at Kansas City

Aaron: Brady Quinn is starting for the Chiefs at quarterback this week.  Pick: Oakland 

Joe:  Good point. Pick: Oakland 


N.Y. Giants at Dallas

Aaron: I can never remember all of the arcane rules that apply to NFC East v. NFC East competition, so I'll just assume that the Giants NEVER lose to the same intra-division foe twice in one season.  Pick: NY Giants 

Joe: Yeah, this one could very well end up being a revenge blowout, satisfying Cowboys-haters the world over. Pick: NY Giants

New Orleans at Denver

Aaron: You know Peyton Manning might be finding his way back to "Manning-ian" status when sportswriters start littering their work with veiled accusations regarding his obvious increase in arm strength since the beginning of the season.  Captain Ahab and his white Canseco, I suppose.  Pick: Denver 

Joe: I hate that sportswriters' tendency to deify quarterbacks and their heroics has made me start to roll my eyes at the mention of Drew Brees lately. I've always liked Drew Brees! Stop making me sick of hearing about how you can never count him out or whatever! Pick: Denver

San Francisco at Arizona

Aaron: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are angling for halftime interviews on Monday Night Football.  Asking the questions? Chris Berman.  There are men and women who sacrifice their lives for this sh*t.  Pick: San Francisco 

Joe: The NFC West's turnaround this season is as shocking as it is life-affirming. Where's the Clint Eastwood ad about how THIS down-and-out American institution crawled its way back from oblivion? Pick: San Francisco

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