Saturday, April 9, 2011

TBG Desert Travel Diary: The Outtakes!

I'm hoping to have the fifth and final installment of this year's Spring Training travel diary up by the end of the weekend. In the meantime, here are a few vacation pictures that were left on the TBG cutting room floor:

Jalen proudly dragging his own personalized luggage. This is the smile of child who hasn't been through enough airports.

Jalen possibly saving a less experienced swimmer.


Dad shows how it's done.


Breaking out the boomstick.


Lew B said...

Dude - whoever took those shots of the ball passing you and J was amazing. That person should quit their day job and get into photography.

And the more I see you with a top on in the pool, the more obsessed I become with wanting to see you shirtless. What are you hiding under there? I must know!

thai said...

for the last picture, my first thought was: willie mays hayes popping up in major league and having to do push ups afterward. :-D

thai said...

ah. found it finally:

Aaron C. said...

I doubt this will surprise you, Thai, but Major League is already one of Jalen's favorite movies.

He saw the heavily-edited version on Comedy Central.

I can play the original R-rated DVD for him, but aside from the baseball scenes (and even then, I have to be vigilant) I skip over the rest.

Father of the year?

Father of the year.

Smitty said...

Take the boy out of the rash guard. It's not too late (for him anyway)

The way Jalen is breaking off the mound in that last picture tells me it is a soft dribbler between home and first

thai said...

bootleg, i don't know that i can offer awards for merely doing what is appropriate. i will, however, offer some hearty kudos.

Aaron C. said...

@thai -- And, kudos to you for texting me while driving next to me on the freeway on Saturday!

@smitty -- Much like Mitch Williams in 1993, J has accepted defeat and is just trudging to the dugout.

thai said...

ha! i drove past you then recognized your, er, bra. thought i'd say hello before mozying on. :-)