Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TBG Beats: "What's Love Got To Do With It", Warren G. featuring Adina Howard

I must confess...I'm an unabashed fan of Twitter. It's helped me get this lightly-read blog in front of a few more eyes and provides an opening into the creativity of some wonderfully thoughtful and funny people.

That said...Twitter can be a stupid jerk sometimes. If you're on it, you know its faults. And, none of them is worse than the intentionally-spread false celebrity death rumors that pop up there from time to time.

Earlier today, "RIP Jackie Chan" was a trending topic. I was in between meetings when I saw it and some obscure, possible blog fodder immediately crossed my mind. Thankfully, though, Chan is alive and well.

I like Chan well enough. I've seen most of his American movies and obviously appreicate his otherworldly stunt work. But, my most lasting memory of Jackie Chan is from a 15-year-old music video -- from a time when Chan, Warren G. and Adina Howard(!) were pop culture commodities.

I still can't decide if this is a really good bad song or a really bad good song.

Glad you're still with us, Jackie.

You too, Warren.

Adina's still alive, right?


Other Joe said...

Anytime I see the words "Adina Howard" the "Freak Like Me" video starts playing in my head.

Best mis-use of Twitter lately has been the account for the missing 10 foot King Cobra that the Bronx Zoo misplaced earlier in the week. BronxZoosCobra is the name.

Sadly no Jake Roberts shout outs yet.

that mexican guy said...

Two things: (1) Warren G is actually pretty nice here. Good flow and his third verse is tight as hell. (2) Adina Howard would've been a dark horse #11 or #12 seed in the "best backsides of the 1990s" tournament. Has anyone fallen off so far, so fast?

Other Joe said...

@mex - I demand to see the entire tourney bracket for that one. So much more interesting than "cats vs dogs" or March Madness!

Sean in Accounting said...

OK. 1990s? #1 seeds: Jennifer Lopez, Tisha Campbell, Lil' Kim and...Stacey Dash? Halle?

Sleepers: Adina Howard, Vivica A. Fox

Unexplainable higher seeds: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Carmen Electra

Aaron C. said...

Dammit, you guys.

I just FINISHED a month-long feature that alienated half of my readership!