Thursday, March 10, 2011

By The Time I Get to Arizona (Remix)

For the third straight year, That Bootleg Family is flying out to Arizona for Spring Training.

You know the drill. Follow my Twitter feed (or just
click here) for immediate vacation observations. And, keep checking in with this lightly-read blog for the next few days as I might try to post more timely travel diary entries than my usual "wait two months to write the diary" approach.

We'll be in Arizona from Friday, March 11 through Tuesday, March 15. Today, however, Mrs. Bootleg attended the funeral of a co-worker. When we picked up Jalen from school, he offered the following earnest inquiry to his mother:

"How was the retirement of your friend who died?"

Here's hoping Jalen doesn't expend ALL his "A" material before the weekend.

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Lew B said...

I peeked over at twitter and ran away. I absolutely cannot get sucked into another social media vortex! I'll never leave the house.

I'll just have to live with what I get here.