Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Postcards From Athletics Camp

And, we're home.

After five days in Arizona, I'm glad to see familiar roads that aren't perpetually under construction and plots of land that are filled to maximum capacity.

We had a great time in the desert and the obligatory TBG Travel Diary is forthcoming. It includes tales of over-tipping, passing out, exploding shoulders and, of course, baseball.

My sincere thanks to JP and his family AND Ms. Kristen for many of the good moments. For now, here are some shots of my seven-year-old son Jalen with an assortment of Oakland A's who were signing this past Monday before their game against the Indians.

(From top to bottom: 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff, OF Michael Choice, RP Brad Ziegler, OF Michael Taylor, 1B/OF Chris Carter and OF Coco Crisp.)


Elena said...

Looks like another successful CamTrip! And god, Jalen's smile is just... he's such a cutie, I want to reach right through the screen and pinch his cheeks. Because apparently I'm now every Albanian aunt I ever had. [sigh.]

Kristen said...

Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed your museum experience; it was such a fun coincidence to see you there! Hm, I think I might become an A's fan just to root on the guy in picture #4. CUTE! Maybe your 30 A's in 30 days series needs a cuteness measurement as well?

Aaron C. said...

@Elena -- Jalen was in rare form for most of this trip. The morning before these pics were taken, he had Cocoa Puffs AND Cocoa Krispies (in the same bowl) for breakfast. These pics are the only time he stood still all day.

@Kristen -- I'm looking forward to sharing the museum story. I was blown away by how much Jalen loved it (and his unique opinions on the Haitian and French exhibits should make for some good politically incorrect innocence).

(And, you're not alone in your opinion on Michael Taylor. Mrs. Bootleg is *still* talking about him.)

Mrs. Bootleg said...

@Kristen -- OMG, the players were so handsome!! I'm with you on Michael Taylor, and Coco Crisp isn't too bad himself (he seems like a real bad boy). Actually, they were all pretty handsome. Unfortunately, I think I could be most of their mothers:(

Ann-Lisa said...

These pictures are GREAT!!! Your son is so adorable!

Did you know that Coco Crisp retweeted the link to your blog on his Twitter feed? That's how I found ya! Looks like I'll be adding another morning read to my pile!

Aaron C. said...

@Mrs. Bootleg -- Oh, I plan to address your reaction to the players in my travel diary. And, was it the rifle scope tattooed behind Coco's ear that indicated "bad boy"? It was so subtle!

@Ann-Lisa -- Welcome! I noticed the Coco retweet yesterday after work. I'm really glad you're sticking around!

Jason said...

Are there any pictures of Mrs. Bootleg with the players? If not, please add for next year's trip.

Aaron C. said...

Deal. But, if she leaves me for one of these muscular, physically fit athletes, it's on you.

And, your check will be in the mail.