Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Pun Conundrum

Over the weekend, while walking the aisles of my local BevMo, I stumbled upon the following beer.

I stared sideways at the label for a few seconds, took a quick picture with my cell phone and posed the following question on my Twitter feed:

I think I need a ruling from my Jewish friends. Offensive or all in good fun?

M'man Sam thought it was harmless, as he responded, "Good fun. Good beer."

Beer Snob Mike commissioned an in-house research committee. His findings: "According to my wife, mostly good fun. Mascot dude's a wee bit offensive."

Movie Joe got gloriously faux theological: "[I'm] not Jewish, but the dominion that beer-loving Hasidim is holding over the globe seems more than a little Zionist."

Let's all be glad no one asked
this guy.

Ummm...the second guy.


Lew B said...


You're killing me here. I thought I was your "go-to" Jew.

What, just cause I'm a recovering alkie who hasn't had a drop in 15 years 7 months and 20 days I don't get to spout off about Jewy McJew Brew?

(a few minutes later, after my deflated ego recovered)

I think it's cute. If I still drank, I'd have some. Of course, if I still drank I'd have anything. Especially if you were buying.

Aaron C. said...

If I were to ever play fantasy basketball, "Go To Jews" would be the name of my team.