Thursday, January 13, 2011

General Haberdashery – The Post!

Last Friday, I first began exhibiting symptoms of a cold. Six days later, I can honestly say that each day has been worse than the last.

Undoubtedly, it didn't help when I took my son Jalen out for baseball practice with some of his former teammates this past Sunday. The afternoon ended with an impromptu "home run derby" – amongst the dads.

Despite a debilitating low-grade fever and NO time for batting practice or low-impact calisthenics, I hit four home runs. Jalen deliriously cheered me on and his prideful "My dad hit FOUR home runs!" taunt to the other kids was only slightly less hilarious than my out-of-breath, drenched-in-sweat stick-figure frame shuffling slowly to the outfield to shag fly balls.

I took Monday off, but thanks to an enormous proposal effort at work, I couldn't miss any more time.

And, since I hate going more than a few days between posts, I'm relying on my friends in the blogosphere to provide material in my absence.

If you're into the movies/TV scene, all y'all should be reading m'man Movie Joe Reid. He's started his spring -- spring? -- movie preview over at
Low Resolution. Joe has snarky barbs for Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Thomas Jane's junk.

This March, I'll be contributing an Oakland A's preview to Eugene Tierney's upstart site, 85% Sports. In the meantime, he's created a fascinating "GM Scores" series that rates Major League Baseball's General Managers. So far, he's covered Oakland's
Billy Beane, St. Louis' John Mozeliak and Philadelphia's Ruben Amaro.

My friends at Fish & Spaghetti have kicked off the New Year with some fun reads. I loved this
infidelity mix tape post and their investigative reporting into actor Don Cheadle's scandalous past.

If I link to Daniels' always-fun Saturday Night Live
recaps, do you think he'll promise to close the tag that's turned most of his blog into bold font? Let's find out!

Finally, Jeff Fernandez's Lousy Reviews blog has washed down
Church's Crispy Chicken Tacosand Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders from Carl's Jr. with a refreshing can of Four Loko.


that real thing nicka said...

The Don Cheadle sighting was great but isn't it more scandalous that the object of Ms. Wimbush's desire in the video was a denim suit clad AROD???

thai said...


were the homeruns from both sides of the plate? did you do vig's rickey trot? details, man, DETAILS!

Aaron C. said...

I took two swings from the left side, Thai -- a couple of weak grounders to second base.

I finished last, but considering my abject lack of muscle tone, it was a fair performance.

Old Timers' Day, if you will.