Thursday, December 31, 2009


Two weeks ago, this lightly-read blog turned three-years-old. It's now run longer than my "Friday Music News Bootleg" weekly internet column, which I ended after exactly three years in 2006.

As y'all know, my primary writing weakness = succinctness (I was shocked to learn this is an actual word. It and I didn't want to turn this into an overly-long acknowledgement. But, some of you might've picked up on the vibe that 2009 wasn't a year I'd like to remember: personally, professionally or sports-teamery.

That's true, for the most part, so imagine my surprise while fiddling with this blog's limited formatting options to see that I've thrown up 318 posts this year - nearly 50 more than last year.

I know it's trite, clich├ęd and corny, but I really wanted to thank y'all for checking in 'round here. I had an idea for this piece that would've named names and offered a few personalized words of appreciation, but I was worried I'd miss someone. I hope no one minds the form-letter approach.

So, yeah...thanks!

Seriously, though, thank you. Thanks to the readers who've been around long enough to wonder if I'll ever make fun of Lil' Kim again. Thanks to the new readers who found TBG in the just the last few months through Facebook, Twitter or some other social network media that I bashed for years before being the last one on the bandwagon.

(Quick aside: If you find me on Facebook, could you let me know, like, who you are? Makes it infinitely more likely I'll accept your 'friend-vitation'. For what it's worth, I've got exclusive content on my FB page that you won't get here, such as one or two pictures of Jalen you HAVEN'T seen and a link to my blog!)

I've had variations of the following conversation with Mrs. Bootleg a handful of times in the past year:

Mrs. Bootleg: "How was work?"

Me: "I got a really nice email from someone who said how much they like the blog!"

Mrs. Bootleg: "So...nothing happened at work?"

Me: "Nothing this good!"

Those of you who know my wife are welcome to interrogate her on this. She can vouch for my misplaced priorities. She's also tremendously understanding and I should thank her and the boy for giving me ample time to pursue my blog folly.

Again, thanks to everyone who stopped by TBG in 2009. Here's to a happy and healthy 2010 for all y'all.

Ummm...see you tomorrow?