Saturday, May 16, 2009

Really, Yankee Fans?

Out and about on a Saturday morning, I tuned in to Sirius XM channel 175. Back in the salad days of satellite radio, XM aired a "Home Plate" station that featured non-stop baseball talk with live cut-ins to games around the Majors. Now, channel 175 only runs its talk shows in the morning, while airing a "game of the day" once the scheduled slate of games for the day begins.

I had another paragraph here about how ridiculous it is for XM to air a "game of the day" on channel 175, while broadcasting the exact same game, at the same time on one of their other dozen or so baseball play-by-play stations, but I'll just get to the point.

Bottom of the 3rd inning, call courtesy of John Sterling – WFAN:

"A 'Tex message' to right center! You're on the MARK, Teixeira!"

Yankees' DH Mark Teixeira just put the home team up 3-1 with a three-run home run. Sterling has been a Yankees' broadcaster for 20 years. Twenty! He's outlasted Cats, Les Misérables and A Chorus Line. How does his cornball schtick play in that city?!


that nicka said...

it doesn't play. everyone hates him and kay but deals with it and quietly accepts it.

like some sort of asshole cousin at the holidays. Let's just get through this while drinking.

SHough610 said...

How has America put up with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver for ten years? Fans outside of the stadium during the World Series here in Phila actually started a fuck Joe Buck chant.

NY Jon said...

First off: I'm glad to see you're on the mend Cam. Sorry to be the last one to offer my well wishes :)

Also - what nicka said. We all know that Kay and Sterling and Waldman are horrible but it's such "low hanging fruit" to criticize them (as a Raiders fan, think Al Davis) that we quietly choke them down.