Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Daddy Smells Like Six Beers..."

I know that there's a fairly large segment of my infinitesimal readership that hates all things "social networking". So, for the sake of some quick lunchtime blog fodder, here are some cross-pollinated pics of The Cam Fam. We went to a minor league baseball game on Sunday and the others are from J's recent preschool "Spring Sing" event. Bet'cha can't find the ones where I was drinking!


Elena said...

Did anyone ever tell you you look like...

that mexican guy said...

Few points:

1.) Jalen eats ice cream like his daddy eats an Angry Whopper. I have seen this.

2.) Pretty sure CPS has grounds for action on that picture alone.

3.) Jalen with his nose buried in a minor league program...just awesome.

4.) He's got his daddy's way with white women, I see.

5.) Jalen's NOT in an A's t-shirt? Not even underneath the "spring sing" t-shirt? WTF???

That Bootleg Guy said...

I keep forgetting to update the "do you know who you look like" post. I got another one last weekend of someone who wasn't even close.

And, Mex, NO ONE eats anything like the boy. Kids run from him in the mall food court.