Sunday, February 1, 2009

2009 Playoff Pickery - That Game on Sunday

Two Weeks Ago (Total):

Straight Up:

Cam: 1-1 (5-5)
Tom: 2-0 (5-5)
Joe: 2-0 (3-7)

Against the Spread:

Cam: 1-1 (5-5)
Tom: 1-1 (5-5)
Joe: 1-1 (1-9)

Joe: Back in Week One, I actually picked the Steelers for the Super Bowl, and while I was scoffing at the Cardinals' chances, I did mention the words "Super Bowl" in their write-up too. Freaky(ish)
. And, sure, I ended up losing faith in Pittsburgh about halfway through the season when it didn't look they had anything resembling an offense, but ended up regaining my faith around Week 14 or so. That being said, I'm rooting for the Cardinals for a variety of reasons, most of them surrounding this idea that just because Cards fans haven't been wailing and gnashing their teeth like drama-queen Red Sox fans pre-2004 means they don't "deserve" to see their team win a championship. Then again, despite the fact that I called both games correctly last week, I figure I still wield something of a curse in these playoff picks, so I'm doing my best to reverse ju-ju this mother. Pick: Pittsburgh 29, Arizona 17

Aaron: Two weeks ago, I was certain that the Cardinals would "shock the world" here. Then, "the world" all seemed to think the same thing. One week ago, I bought into the simple, yet effective "Pittsburgh is the better team" theme. But, that position seemed awfully reliant on ignoring how Arizona beat three teams last month - at least two of them, it could be argued, were "better" than the Cards. So, let's throw out the "Cards win a nailbiter" and "Steelers win in a romp" predictions that seem to be the obvious calls. That leaves us with either a Cards cakewalk or the Steelers slipping by 'Zona with a late FG or something. The former is reliant on Fitzgerald/Boldin going off. The latter needs Big Ben to be something he hasn't been in weeks: great when it really, really counts. Pick: Arizona 31, Pittsburgh 13


Joe Reid said...

You know, I actually don't begrudge this Steelers team anything, and the way they won it, I was happy for them. But I am making the mistake of watching the ESPN NFL Primetime crew, and I may need a barf bag. Accusations of man-crushes in sports are a dime a dozen, but Steve Young is making me physically uncomfortable with the way he's breathlessly slobbering on Ben Roethlisberger.

that mexican guy said...

I cannot get enough of all these pundits falling over themselves to annoint this the "greatest super bowl ever". Bullshit.

1.) The playcalling was terrible on both sides. The Steelers going for three instead of the TD on their opening drive from the goaline was insane.

2.) The Cards PUNTING with 3 minutes left in the game and a 4 and 20 was even more stupid.

3.) The officiating was all over the place.

4.) The ending, no doubt, was the bees-knees, but let's not pretend this game had ANY of the storylines that last year's had.