Friday, December 26, 2008

Upcoming Travel Diaries

Ogden, Utah – Tomorrow!: Visiting the in-laws for the first time since Thanksgiving 2005.

Arizona – mid-March 2009: We're taking the boy to Spring Training. And, yes, a trip that's entirely built around nothing but baseball is "for the boy". I'm sure I'll get nothing out of this. I still can't believe Mrs. Bootleg is on board, though. We fly in on the 12th. On the 13th, we're seeing the A's down at the Indians' new complex. On the 14th, it's another A's game in Phoenix. We leave on the 15th. Autographs! For the boy.

Cooperstown, NY – Late July 2009: I'm fervently rooting against Jim Rice's eventual induction, just so Rickey Henderson will have the day to himself and I'll be spared an entire weekend of Red Sox Nation. How do those of you who hate the Sox/Patriots/Celtics – or, worse, don't even like sports – live in New England?

Cam Fam Summer Vacation – Late August 2009: A return trip to the Pacific Northwest is very tentatively planned, with Mrs. Bootleg pushing for a "Vancouver only" experience and me lobbying hard for a Seattle Mariners hosting the Oakland A's from August 24 through 26 five-day stay in Seattle – the Emerald City. We did three-day stays in both cities back in 2006. Of course, that was a time when our son, Jalen, would sleep for the entire two-hour ride between countries. I ain't sitting in an American-made rental SUV for 120-plus minutes with Chatty McGee and his mom, thankyouverymuch.

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