Monday, December 22, 2008

TBG Eats: The NEW Charbroiled Steak Sandwich from Carl's Jr.

Current Weight: 166.8 lbs.

Carl's Jr. has done a phenomenal job of positioning itself as "fast food for guys". Their burgers are proudly billed as big, messy two-hand fat bombs that can barely be contained within the confines of one bun.

The two spots Carl's Jr. has created for their new Charbroiled Steak Sandwich successfully continues this testosterone-filled trend. The above ad is getting most of the airplay, while the below commercial is way racier – albeit much easier on the eyes:

(Quick aside: Am I the only one who's noticed a rise in slovenly, unshaven white guys in fast food commercials? Admittedly, I'm about 15 years removed from the "too cool to care" crowd, but these restaurants should know that not everyone who enjoys their products looks like they're running 20 minutes late for an 8:00 AM "Intro to Anthropology" class.)

After one of the more nightmarish weeks within the walls of the Unnamed Defense Contractor, I went drinking last Friday afternoon and chased a few pitchers of cheap beer with this Steak Sandwich.

It's a simple array of ingredients: 100% sirloin steak, lettuce, tomato, two onion rings and mayonnaise on a toasted roll. Not included amongst the toppings: flavor. The meat is completely tasteless. Now, I wasn't expecting it to explode with the gastronomical awesome of Mrs. Bootleg's marinade or a basic, yet effective dry rub, but come on Carl's Jr.

The overly-breaded, deep-fried onion rings neutered the typical kick that raw onions always add, while the limp lettuce and tomato remains an infrequent Achilles' heel for the chain's hit-or-miss meals.

Considering you're out about $7.50 for the sandwich combo meal (with medium fries and drink), one would be wise to invest in the "Six Dollar Burger" combo for about the same price. You'll get more meat for your money, including a variety of toppings and about 60% less pretentiousness.

"Steak" sandwich? More like fake sandwich. Feel free to use that.

Grade: 1 (out of 5)


NY Jon said...

Gift suggestion for That Bootleg Guy: a dictionary.

You and I have have vastly different definitions of "way racier".

that mexican guy said...

I had one of these last night. Your rating is about 5000 points too high, Cam. Mayo and "steak"? Two bites and I was done.

Anonymous said...

"I never had sex with the mouth of 'that mexican guy'. He's a liar." - OJ Mayo

That Bootleg Guy said...

Jon - Speaking as a college-trained marketing analyst guy, I was only talking about the whole "white woman, black bra, boobs oozing" shot in a 15-second spot for a bad sandwich. By advertising standards, that's pretty "racy". Also, shut up.

Mex - Wait, now Mexicans don't eat mayo? I thought that was the Black man's gimmick (as outlined in "Undercover Brother").