Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Why yes it IS, thank you for asking!"

Five years ago today, an eclectic collage of dated music news and pop culture references burst onto the internet landscape. Check out how comically awful the first "Friday News Bootleg" was, as I tried to write a "straight" news column with a minimal amount of segues and digressions.

Was I really as desperate for readership as I sounded in those first two paragraphs? (Answer: Yes)


NYJon said...

Congrats, AJC. Been a fan for a minute and glad I found you were still out there writing.

Joe Reid said...

I like seeing the beginnings of some Bootleg motifs that would later blossom, such as bemoaning the Oakland Raiders, the Nate Dogg update that I usually scroll past, and Cam's rampant, passionate ageism.