Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That Birthday Boy

I've got friends out there who have blogs. Their blogs are used for "family updates", photos, etc. These people sicken me. They're the ones who sent you the "Year in Review" letter inside their Christmas card back in December. Tell you what: let's stand unified in our hatred, while collectively looking the other way as I offer up this family photo update from my son's 4th birfday:

Daddy's matching shirt=not so cute and racially divisive

Forgot his birthday? You'd be surprised what kind of magic is made with junk mail envelopes and a stapler. Thanks, Grandma

Might be time to take these khaki slacks out in the crotch a little

See that little red car by Jalen's foot? Only birthday present he still plays with everyday. $3.99. Easily could've stopped there...

New bike. I think he's rode it once (and by "rode", I mean got on and fell off). Nice untucked shirt, no shoes look for me, though.


Anonymous said...

Look's like Aaron's daddy is dressed to go to a college social.

Im surprised that the bike is not Rickey Henderson themed.

Josh said...

nice Undertaker eyes in that third picture, Aaron.