Friday, February 8, 2008

Lost - "Confirmed Dead"

Just a reminder, if you're a fan of the show, make sure you swing by the NEW Low Resolution site for another angle. Joe's site is now brighter than a supermarket at 2:00 AM, so, for Christ's sake, don't read it in direct sunlight! And, ECB has a look back at season two mixed in with his hourly New York Giants/New York Mets updates of love.

What Aaron Liked: Hmmm…I'm thinking. Well, I guess I'm digging the table-turning perspective of the original castaways coming off as aggressive "Others-ish" a-holes towards the four newcomers to the island. It's still way too early to pass judgment on the four "who are not who they say they are", but I don't overtly loathe them out of the gate as I did with Ana Lucia in season two.

What Aaron Didn't Like: Hey, more shadowy characters! More flashbacks! Can't get enough of those. I'll join the rest of these internets and profess my man-love for Ken Leung's "Miles", but his Asian Peter Venkman gimmick seems…I dunno…can I call it "implausible"? Even on a show that leans so heavily on smoky monsters and women who have immaculately hairless armpits after all this time and other characters who…talk to ghosts, Miles felt like the writers needed a back door out of their own storylines. And, while everyone else is all orgasmic over the storyline "progression", I wasn't all that impressed with the laughably pathetic references to "taller Walt" or the polar bear remains in the desert. Yes, we still remember them from Season 1, guys. Way to run in place.

Verdict: A step back from last week's outing and it's not a good thing that the hook for ABC's preview teaser for next week was the fourth "Oceanic 6" reveal. Isn't the story still on the island?

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