Thursday, December 20, 2007

TBG's NFL Pickery Spectacular - Week #16

Pittsburgh at St. Louis (Thurs.)

Aaron: The Steelers are reeling, while the Rams are...whatever happens when there's no place left to reel. St. Louis is also an eight point dog at home. Steelers win, but it'll be a cockfight. Pick: Pittsburgh

Joe: Here's how it works: it was too much to hope that the Steelers could fell the obnoxious Patriots juggernaut two weeks ago. Now it's too much to hope that the Browns can overtake the Steelers for first place in the Central. The rule is: nothing good ever happens. Pick: Pittsburgh

Dallas at Carolina (Sat.)

Aaron: The fact that Jessica Simpson was mentioned a million times on ESPN in the aftermath of the Cowboys loss last week hurts more than a billion "boo-yahs". And just one Sean Salisbury. Pick: Dallas

Joe: Okay, it's annoying but it really has become an epidemic. The woman is the ruination of everything she touches, from handsome guys to movies based on crappy '70s TV shows. She must be stopped...or fixed up with Tom Brady. Pick: Dallas


Joe R. said...

Just so we can both start feeling way too good about ourselves, I should note that we're both picking at an improved level from last season. That's right, I did research! With a calculator and everything!

that mexican guy said...

HEE! Now, I'll have to go thru all of last year's games. Look at all the things they got wrong in just ONE week:

Aaron: Our friends at the NFL Network are hyping this as possibly Brett Favre's "last game at Lambeau".

Joe: I picked Oakland last week -- won't be making that mistake again. Take a long, hard look, Brady Quinn.

Aaron: The Bears' continued man-love for QB Rex Grossman will ensure them a first-round bye and a second-round elimination.

Aaron: Drew Brees can kiss my Black ass. He sneakily waits until the first round of my fantasy playoffs to have his worst game of the year and ruin my 13-1 season.

Joe: Cleveland and I have had a stormy relationship this season. We're like a romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and What Meg Ryan Used To Look Like where we're never in the same place at the same time.