Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bravo, Deadspin, Bravo!

Yeah, so content has been a little light in these parts lately and when I do bother to post, it's nothing but sports.

On that note, enjoy this white light reading from sportsblog emeritus, Deadspin. Normally, the cadre of commenters to each post is an annoying mash up of "not funny" and "not funny, either", but the readers bring their A-game on this 'un, son.


Tom said...

People's hate of Schilling confuses me. Most people can't stand athletes because they are too afraid of the media to have an opinion. Schilling has an opinion and people thinks he's a douchebag for it.

that nicka said...


Elijah Dukes has been cleared of all charges against him. ZERO. nothing. SO what's the problem now with this "young black man with a troubled past"? NOTHING!! He hilariously TEXTED someone the phrase "You dead, dawg"..THAT'S IT? He needs rehab and a change of scenery?

Tampa Bay broke that young black outfield party up pretty fast. OH SHIT 5-0 IS HERE YO!!

WHen I heard that they took the "Devil" out of the "Devil Rays" I assumed they had finally traded Rocco Baldelli.

Elijah and Delmon we hardly knew ye. yo.

accountingsean said...

Tom - It all seems pretty simple to me. Schilling's "opinions" are self-serving diatribes and nothing more.

For example, he's gone after the steroid users on his blog, but he couldn't be bothered to actually talk to Sen. Mitchell's investigative team? And, for all his self-righteous proclimations about Roger Clemens, can we expect Curt to give back his WS rings if it's ever discoverd that Ortiz or Ramirez were juicing?

Tom said...

Sean - What blog isn't self-serving? isn't that the entire point? And it's tough to call it entirely self-serving when half the posts are asking people to donate to charity.

Going after Clemens's Cy Youngs do nothing for him. He'd have to frame Randy Johnson. And why shouldn't he be upset if he didn't cheat (assuming he didn't)? Doesn't any clean guy in the league have the right to be upset? Just because every other player is following the union party line and keeping their mouths shut, it makes him an asshole for having an opinion?

And there's a huge difference between an individual award for pitching awesomeness and a team award. I don't think he suggested taking the Yankees rings away from the 2000 World Series (although, as a Met fan, it galls me to think that 3 of the Yankees 4 wins were credited to Clemens and Mike Stanton).

mike mejor said...

Hey,'s intelligent dialogue on the steroid matter!

'K, as far as Schilling goes, I'm torn. Tom makes some good points, but I'll ask why Schilling thinks it's more effective for him to make grandstanding proclimations about what "cheaters" need to do with their award than to affect REAL change.

He didn't talk to the Mitchell Investigation, he backed off of his militant steroid position in front of Congress (a point that's always lost behind the performances of Sosa, McGwire and Palmeiro) and he's basically gone after the easiest targets in all this (Bonds, Clemens).

Joe R. said...

Plus: fake bloody sock; campaigned for Bush. Guy's a dick.