Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Who Do I Look Like? Christopher Columbo?"

So, some of you know that Kid Cameron had surgery a couple of weeks ago. He's doing fine after a few days of discomfort and irritability. Anyways, Jalen had a follow up appointment today. I told Mrs. Bootleg that I'd go with them, since the follow-up was scheduled during my lunch hour, but I had mistakenly assumed that the boy would be seen at the same place he had the procedure.

Instead of a 20-minute straight shot down the freeway to Children's Hospital, I hopped in the car, fired up the XM and checked the directions only to see that I'd be driving to Encinitas. Now, I know that means nothing to most of you, so grab your car keys and you'll see what I mean:

First, drive about 15 miles south. Then, head west for another 15 miles. Remember, if you hit the Pacific Ocean, you've gone too far. Finally, head north for another 15 miles.

Now, here's the fun part: When you reach the correct freeway exit, head east and…y'know, I think I'll turn over the directional duties to Children's ENT of San Diego's webpage:

"From I-5 exit Encinitas Boulevard East. Turn left onto Saxony, which is the first light. Take a right at the flagpole and another right at the yellow fire hydrant."

Yes, those would be "landmark directions" still being used here in 2007.

The wife and I took two separate cars and, within minutes of each other, we both missed the flagpole turn. After doubling back, we both realized that our mistake was looking at the road while we drove. If we arched our eyes away from oncoming traffic and/or any pedestrians with the right-of-way, when we looked up, the flagpole was easy to see.

I've got six months before his next appointment and to think of excuses of why I can't make it. I'm leaning towards "meeting".

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