Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Screw You, Mike Rotunda

"The scarecrow raised a withered hand..."

My alma mater's consolation-prize postseason run has come to an end. In the aftermath of this anonymous competition, I've compiled a few random thoughts:

1.) Did'ya know that the game wasn't even on television for most of San Diego? Nothing quite attracts new recruits to the upcoming silver anniversary of SDSU's rebuilding plan than eliminating those pesky TV cameras and a modicum of coverage.

2.) 26,752 fans packed The Carrier Dome for a 2nd round NIT game? There's a fine orange line between "passionate" and "pathetic", upstate New York. And, I think you know where I'm going with this.

3.) Dig this rich postseason history for my Aztecs. It's like every tournament appearance is Game Five of the American League Division Series for San Diego State and they always show up wearing green and gold. Hey-yo!

4.) I've read and re-read the accompanying linked account (see 1st paragraph) of the game and not found one mention of the words "exhumed corpse", "death's door" or "former slave owner" as it relates to Head Coach Steve Fisher. Kudos on your journalistic restraint, San Diego Union-Tribune. Kudos.

5.) And, I can't even play the predictable "better weather card" against Syracuse today, as it's overcast and 62 degrees. Overcast!

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Jarrod said...

HA! I'm a senior at East Carolina, so I haven't had too many postseason sports moments to enjoy. It's fun living out here and rooting against Duke *and* North Carolina, though. C'mon, USC. I'm sure it won't cost much (on top of what the Trojans are already paying) for OJ Mayo to rough up a few Tarheels before the game.