Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Best Anniversary Gift There Is, The Best Anniversary Gift There Was...Etc.

M'man Jon P. writes:

I noticed that today is November 9, which is the anniversary of a very notable day. On this particular date, many moons ago, a couple of people came together in a memorable way after a long wait. There was some chaos in the immediate aftermath and people's lives would be affected for years afterwards. Because on this date, years ago...

Bret got screwed!!!

Fortunately, a few years later, November 9th would be made notable by a couple of other people. And I think it turned out a little better. So Happy Anniversary to you and [Mrs. Bootleg].

...though a
MISTER CAMERON character would be fun to see come out of it.

THIS is why I blog, Mrs. Bootleg.

Happy anniversary!

1 comment:

Lew B said...

Congrat's on the anniversary, blah blah.

But more importantly, because of all your little "add-ons" now every time I log onto You Tube they think I like pro-wrestling, hip-hop and Dave Chapell (actually I do like DC).

But I guess it's a small price to pay.