Friday, April 9, 2010

This will be a Challenging Weekend

I'm driving up to Anaheim (almost 100 miles north of San Diego) for tonight's game between the A's and the hated Angels. I get to hang out with m'man (and fellow A's fan) Smitty. We've got seats behind the Oakland dugout. Should be a great time.

Tomorrow morning, my son Jalen and I have haircuts scheduled at my barber's new location in Mission Valley (approximately 20 miles south of Stately Bootleg Manor). Later in the day, against my better judgment, I'm driving back up to Anaheim for Saturday night's A's v. Angels tilt. This time…with Jalen. The (current) plan is to drive back to San Diego after the game.

We're at over 400 freeway miles, people.

On Sunday, a friend and I are taking our boys bowling. Jalen has developed a ferocious competitive spirit and doesn't like to lose. Conversely, I'll be damned if any six-year-old beats me at bowling. The awkward end result is usually Jalen in tears with me offering only slightly sincere consolation.

Pizza and ice cream will follow.

This all came about because Mrs. Bootleg has been home all week with Jalen, who's on spring break. Yes, I did go out to happy hour on Thursday night and I've got another responsibility-free Friday evening forthcoming…but, I think my Saturday and Sunday activities have crossed into overcompensation.

I mean…a baseball game, bowling and junk food. I hope Mrs. Bootleg remembers this.


Josh said...

I particularly hope she remembers it during the week of August 15-21.

CrazyCanuck said...

"Baseball, bowling and junk food" Yeah, sounds like you're really sacrificing yourself there!

Remember, this is supposed to be for Jalen ;)

SHough610 said...

I totally expect a Hulk Hogan-esque pose fest when you beat your son in bowling.