Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TBG TV: Lost -- "Happily Ever After"

Three Things I Dug:

Desmond!: Another Desmond-centric episode, another knock-it-outta-the-park performance from Henry Ian Cusick. I'm willing to overlook the slapdash explanation of how Desmond ended up back on the island ("Remember that time Ben shot you? Yeah, we kidnapped you after that. Fortunately, Mr. Widmore's got a submarine stocked like a state-of-the-art medical facility with personnel to match!") in exchange for the assortment of believable layers to his character this week. The rage he displayed in the opening towards Widmore was pitch-perfect given their history together. The flash-sideways "right-hand man" Desmond was appropriately a point. And, the Desmond that brought reality and bizarro-reality together was equal parts skeptical, accepting and -- of course -- mysterious. If this were 1996, America would be comparing his performance to the assortment of Eddie Murphy characters during the dinner table scene in The Nutty Professor. Maybe.

Desmond & Penny, 4ever!: To put it mildly, Lost has been a bit...inconsistent when it comes to relationship development. The Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle often devolved into soap opera pap. The Sun/Jin chemistry has been all over the map, with the path of their current storyline serving as mostly an inevitable annoyance. The writers backed into believable love interests when Elizabeth Mitchell's performance carried the Juliet/Sawyer plot of season five. But, all parties (the writers, the actors, the guy who drives the catering truck) NAILED the Penny/Desmond dynamic from day one. Put it this way: I was almost rooting as hard for Penny and Desmond to be together in the flash-sideways world (They shook hands! They're getting coffee later!) as I was the first time they reunited.

The Inside Bits!: The boat on the wall of "Sideways Widmore's" office -- with Desmond staring at it intently -- was nicely done, but the scene where Desmond (finally!) gets to sip some of that 60-year-old scotch had me gleefully exclaiming to my empty living room: "He got the scotch!" You're such a dork, Aaron.

Three Things I Didn't Dig:

Charlie?: He was an odd choice for "ground zero" of the forthcoming flash-sideways disintegration. During his four seasons as a regular character, Charlie never carried the kind of sway that would make you believe ANY version of him could conceivably be the voice of reason. I mean, of all the Oceanic passengers who are going to be scared straight by a's the smack-addict?

Daniel?: I'm nitpicking now, but I could've done without the contrived shots of Daniel Faraday-Widmore lurking in the shadows, back to the camera, ironic d-bag hat cocked to one side. He just happened to be within earshot of every conversation that Desmond was having, but far enough away not to be noticed?

George?: An omnipotent limo driver, huh? Deus ex machina much, Lost writers?

The Verdict: This was like the Richard episode from two weeks ago, except the near-universal praise was actually deserved.


Joe said...

No comments about the MRI, Cam? I figured you'd find it to be pretty accurate, since they mentioned the loudness (and gave earplugs) and the panic button.

Seems like they have to a near-death experience in the Beta-verse for the Alpha-verse to bleed through. Even though it appears that Desmond's occured in the Alpha when he was in Widmore's electromagnetic box.

I think the Beta-verse is the reality where everyone gets what they want, but maybe not in the way they really wanted:

- Sayid - Nadia is alive & safe, but she's with his brother.
- Sun & Jin - romantic relationship but not married
- Jack - family, but he's divorced and apparently not a good Dad
- Desmond - Widmore's approval, but he doesn't get to know Penny
- Kate - gets to run (she always does)

That Bootleg Guy said...

LOVED the MRI stuff. I made mention of it on my Twitter feed, but I cannot oversell how much I was digging it.

Mrs. Bootleg (who came in late) finally had to leave the room after my eighth or ninth "I did the same thing!" or "See? See? That look on Desmond's face? I made the same face when *I* was in the MRI!"

Oh, and good call on Kate. She runs more than Puff Daddy did in his first five videos combined.

Joe said...

"She runs more than Puff Daddy did in his first five videos combined."

Even the Victory video?

I noticed he got the McCutcheon's, but I didn't notice the boat... I'm guessing it was the Black Rock?

I try not to analyze while I'm watching the show, so I forgot that George was Minkowski on the freighter. I just kept thinking that I'd seen him before, but realized that Fisher Stevens was in Short Circuit & Hackers.