Friday, January 8, 2010

A's of the Decade: Second Base – Mark Ellis

Years: 2002 – 2009

Other Candidates: Randy Velarde (2000); Frank Menechino (2001); Marco Scutaro (2004)

Summary: He is unquestionably the best defensive second basemen that none of you have ever heard of – whether using outmoded measurements like fielding percentage or egghead stats like UZR. His terrific 2005 line (.316/.384/.477) bought him a lifetime pass from most A's fans, despite a career that's been pockmarked with injuries and a failure to come close to his '05 season at the plate. Still, he's the best 2B in team history.

Favorite A's Moment: [Lifted from one of my previous A's posts] I guess I'd have to go with Ellis' three-run home run in the
bottom of the ninth during Game #5 of the 2002 ALDS. I was driving back from my bachelor party weekend in L.A. on a Sunday afternoon and Ellis' shot would've been a dramatic walk-off into the ALCS (against the Angels!)…if RP Billy Koch hadn't given up a three-spot in the top of the ninth.

Runner-Up: Randy Velarde

Worst of the Decade: Frank Menechino


Vig said...

Best 2B in team history?!? I think you're forgetting players like Steve Sax, Willie Randolph, Dale Sveum, and Lance Blankenship.

Hmmm...I guess Ellis WAS the best in team history. ;)

That Bootleg Guy said...

Good points, Vig. And, Ellis doesn't have the name-value of Padres' 2Bs like second-generation superstar Kurt Stillwell, the "Japanese David Eckstein" in Tad Iguchi or last year's full season of the REAL David Eckstein.

Vig said...

Hey...if you want to talk about great Padre 2Bs, it begins and ends with Paul Faries. I have 10 copies of his rookie card to prove it! :)