Friday, January 29, 2010

AiAA: All-Star Baseball Edition

It's the name of the product that ruins this Frank Thomas spot. Maybe it's not "iPad" bad, but anything that evokes the tired slang of Snoop Dogg (by way of E-40, by way of Frankie Smith) can't be marketable.

Canseco = credible. Also, chicks with a six-pack = eww.

The transparent arrogance given off by Reggie here is off the charts. And, he probably dialed it up a notch for the cameras.

It's easy to hate today's athletes. But, back in the day, ballplayers had to work double-time to be as despised as Gary Carter was in and out of the game. Quit trying so hard to be liked!

I...have no words.

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CrazyCanuck said...

I couldn't make it past twenty seconds during that last one.

That's just...disturbing.