Thursday, July 3, 2008

TBG Eats: Taco Bell's New Queso Crunchwrap

Current Weight: 181.8 lbs.

With my insides returning to normal after last week's deep fried side trip to the Fair, I thought I'd give the latest TB menu item a chance to win me over. As an armchair marketing geek, I can't say the initial ad campaign (guy brings Crunchwrap on an elevator) did anything other than annoy me, but I've enjoyed the other iterations of the Crunchwrap – two tostada shells topped in layers with ground beef (or chicken or steak) and the usual Taco Bell fillings, then wrapped in a giant grilled flour tortilla.

This time around, TB adds something called "queso" to the mix. Y'see, back in the '80s, "cheese dip" was called…"cheese dip". White folk would break out the zesty Velveeta, dice some tomatoes n' onions, melt it all in their newfangled microwave ovens for 45 minutes, then settle in for a Saturday night of Diff'rent Strokes and Silver Spoons.

Much to my surprise, Taco Bell's "queso" wasn't just a recycled name for what they already serve up as nacho cheese sauce.

My Queso Crunchwrap was still steaming hot when I got it home and absolutely loaded with a good-sized ladle of liquid cheese. The sauce was actually pretty flavorful with a very mild kick and a sweet finish. Every other ingredient (ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, three cheese blend and a creamy jalapeƱo sauce) was right from the original Crunchwrap.

As you might expect, it all turns pretty messy by the end, but Mrs. Bootleg has known me long enough that I don't feel the least bit uncomfortable licking cheese sauce off of foil wrappers. Quite the unexpectedly awesome addition to the Taco Bell family, my friends.

Grade: 4.5 (out of 5)


thatnicka said...

I can't believe I'm planning a trip to taco bell based on your rating.

I haven't been back there since the 1st crunchwrap came out...whose aforementioned marketing sucked me in.

thatnicka said...
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