Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm an African-American in my 30s, married with a kid and living in Southern California. I prefer the baseball league that's fun and exciting.

Tom is a white guy in his 20s, single and living in New York City. He prefers the baseball league that features pitchers hitting, everyone bunting and Tony LaRussa.

You'd think we don't have much in common.

Then, I read his post on American politics and it was like he was inside my mind.


Tom said...

Slight correction: I am now, officially, in my 30s.


That Bootleg Guy said...

God dammit, Tom.

I assume, at least, you still prefer the JV League?

With their "little things" and Jason Kendalls hitting ninth and other assorted preciousness :)

Tom said...

You can't call the NL the JV league when your league is called the "Junior Circuit." It's too confusing. You have to be careful of confusing the AL fans -- they're easily distracted and might lose interest if one of their batters gets out too often. And all that "substituting"? Too much thought.

I long for the day when Li'l Bootleg hops on Padres' or Giants' bandwagon. I mean, honestly, Cam, who can like anything that came from Philly?