Wednesday, April 2, 2008

TBG Reviews: The Cheesy Bacon BK Wrapper

First, from The Miami Herald:

Following McDonald's success with Snack Wraps, Burger King is the latest to add a wrap to its menu with [the] launch of the Cheesy Bacon BK wrapper. The product folds the most popular breakfast ingredients inside a tortilla: eggs, bacon, cheese and hash browns. The breakfast wrap is just the beginning of Burger King's attempt to add an entire new category to its menu. The fast-food chain will begin testing a Spicy Chicken BK Wrapper in restaurants in May, with plans for an August launch. Coming later this fall are larger-sized wraps called Hold'ems, which have been in development for more than a year.

My last experience with a new BK breakfast menu item didn't go so well. But, it would take an extreme act of gastrointestinal malice for BK to screw up what amounts to a fast food breakfast burrito. And, after trying one last week, I find BK guilty.

There are two problems with the BK Wrapper (three, if you count the name). First, the tortilla has that overpowering bitterness that's usually found in the ones made in surplus and on the cheap from any of those warehouse super-stores. Just because you can buy 500 tortillas for two bucks, doesn't mean you should. Second, instead of real cheese, BK uses a slice of American inside the "Wrapper" and then just microwaves the whole thing. Any flavors that the tortilla doesn't overwhelm are muddled and muted by the processed cheese food.

What we're left with is a "college quesadilla" in which the supposedly best parts (bacon, hash browns and eggs) are tastelessly invisible. All of which makes me think BK should hold off…on their "Hold 'ems".

Feel free to use that.

Grade: -5 (out of 5)


JPinAZ said...

Aren't De La Soul the original BK Rappers?

that mexican guy said...

I think a little Tabasco would fix most of its problems, Cam. You're the only fast food snob I've ever known.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Tabasco? Seriously, Tabasco?!

I used to think you were Mexican, but now I have to question that.

Christopher said...

I was seriously considering spontaneously going out and trying one of these wraps, (their commercial has giving me a bit of a craving) but I think you changed my mind.