Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Eckstein Thang

I had a couple of spirited discussions last night on IM with a pair of longtime Friends of the Bootleg regarding David Eckstein (a/k/a "Gritty Smurf"). I maintain that fans and the media have overrated the guy from an acceptably average ballplayer to a giant monolith of intangibility and grit. Thankfully, our friends at have neatly collected some of the media's excessive Eckstein hyperbole right here and made it accessible to all.

You're doing the Lord's work, FireJoeMorgan, you're doing the Lord's work.


Eric said...

I will disagree with you about Eckstein, only because it's good to see a plain old white guy do something other than steroids or cocaine.

Then again, we can't all be the second coming of Walt Weiss.

Tom said...

Favorite FJM quote re Eck:

Anyone who ever wants to pitch to Albert Pujols over David Eckstein in any situation, including pick-up whiffle ball games at family barbecues when Pujols has dengue fever and Eckstein gets to use one of those over-sized red bats while Pujols has to hit with a live cobra, is a goddamn moron of the highest order.