Friday, May 16, 2008

Lost - "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"

What Aaron Liked: After four years, I'm glad that we're finally starting to dig into the myriad of contrived connections between the survivors. The writers have gone to great, strained lengths to let us know that Locke worked for Hurley's box company, Libby gave Desmond a boat and Shannon's father was in the car that hit Jack's future wife, etc. Now that Jack knows he has a sister – and who it is – it helps explain his eventual breakdown more than any of this season's booze-n-Jack's dead dad flashbacks ever did. The press conference scene was interesting and I'm certain this isn't the last we've seen of the "media's" involvement. The "How come you guys look so good after being on an island for 4 months?" inquiry and the questions regarding Kate's "pregnancy" have me thinking that some intrepid scribe will uncover the truth sometime in season five. And, sorry, but I loved Cheech Marin's brief cameo as Hurley's dad. The incredibly inappropriate "island" theme for the birthday party and Marin's awkward lunch suggestions were gold.

What Aaron Didn't Like: I wish I hadn't used "contrived" already, because I defy even the most ardent Lost lemming to come up with a better word for Sun's improbable hostile takeover of her dad's company. Even using the "dumb it down" curve for the masses, any eighth grader can tell you that's not how the business world works. Now, I know that Hurley is everyone's sweaty teddy bear, but enough with the numbers, already. I'll concede that they might be the key to whatever "endgame" is planned, but his tired freak outs and jiggly panic runs into the jungle or up the street are pretty played out. The Locke-n-Ben connection continues to run hot and cold for me. I appreciate the overt power struggle between the two, but how many times is Locke going to be surprised to learn that Ben wasn't honest about something or that he knows more than he's letting on?

Verdict: M'man Joe Reid has a review over at Low Resolution that's worth a look. I liked this episode, but echo Joe's thoughts on all the tension surrounding characters that we know are going to survive (for a little while longer, anyway). Each of the three previous season finales has been more awesomely outrageous than a plate of Southwestern Pizza Fingers, so you know where I'll be in two weeks. Uh, from yesterday. Assuming you're reading this today. May 16th.


HW said...

I missed the pop culture linking, to be honest.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Ah, The Simpsons...helping me fill columns and blog posts with empty filler since 2002!