Friday, March 14, 2008

Title: Lost - "Ji Yeon"

What Aaron Liked: The evolution of the Sun and Jin characters over the course of these four seasons has been a kick to watch. Yunjin Kim's performance, especially, has been equally convincing as the docile wife from the first year to the strong, confident presence she exudes now. So, it goes without saying that I enjoyed the hell out of pretty much everything that involved Sun this week, with her slow-turn reaction to the reveal of her adultery as my far and away favorite. Jin's "Wherever Sun goes, I go" declaration to Juliet was also a wonderful moment and one that inadvertently highlights how poorly developed some of the other characters are despite receiving 10x the screen time. Finally, after boring y'all to tears with my obnoxious declarations of "I saw that coming" in previous weeks, I can honestly say that I whiffed on the whole flash-forward/flashback mash-up Sun/Jin twist. I did let Mrs. Bootleg know that I thought something was up, but that was 50 minutes in and after the Sun pregnancy was resolved. No partial credit for me. You've won this round, Lost.

What Aaron Didn't Like: Michael's back. Of course, it's too early to draw any conclusions, but for reasons that escape me, this wasn't the surprise it really should've been. He return was first announced last August by the show's creators. A wave of the white flag to those intent on spoiling these things or a manufacture of buzz for a show that needed a spark after an uneven third season? Discuss. Oh, and please tell me I wasn't the only one creeped out by Hurley's "goooooooooood" line, when Sun informed him that none of the other Oceanic Six would be coming to, uhh…"visit" Jin. I was just waiting for "at last…we're alone" and the bestiality to begin.

Verdict: Three straight strong episodes have finally taken the taste of that Kate-based hour from a month ago out of my mouth. And, I do believe I detected the stench of plot forwarding and question answering, so I'm good.

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Villager said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. I was drawn here by your post on Jamiel Shaw, however, I will come back because of your commentary on Lost. I must admit that watching Lost is one of my guilty pleasures...

peace, Villager